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Wedding Rings

Unique Wedding Rings Individually Created by our Jewellery Designers

We produce handmade wedding rings in platinum, gold, and palladium. Polished, matte or hammered, slim and sleek or chunky and rugged, we create rings to suit every taste.

Naturally we make wedding rings to complement our own engagement rings. Our Flick and Infinity engagement ring styles were both designed to be worn with straight wedding rings. Each wedding ring is created specifically to suit a particular engagement ring, taking into account the width, depth and profile of the engagement ring.
Fitted Wedding Rings

Fitted Wedding Rings

Many engagement rings do not sit flush against a straight wedding ring, and there is a gap between the two rings, which can both look untidy, and allow scope for excessive movement, which increases wear-and -tear. If you have this problem it can be overcome by creating a fitted wedding ring; i.e. we produce a handmade wedding ring that is shaped to follow the line of your engagement ring, closing the gaps between the two rings, resulting in a more elegant look and reducing wear.
Bespoke Wedding Rings

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Many of our clients opt for bespoke wedding rings rather than selecting from the handmade wedding rings in our stock. Choose a bespoke wedding ring to reflect your personality, fit in with your lifestyle or match the theme of your wedding. It is created with you in mind, offering the kind of individual expression that is not often available today.
Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Rings

Some of our diamond wedding rings have just one or two discreetly-placed stones, whilst others are totally smothered with diamonds. Whether the diamonds are round brilliant, princess cut, marquise or baguette, the amount of bling is up to individual client! Often it comes down to what is affordable, but we are able to tailor our diamond wedding rings to suit individual budgets. Tell our jewellery designers what you have in mind, and we will design a beautiful diamond wedding ring that is right for you and your pocket.