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Infinity Ring

Infinity© Ring

Are you looking for a stylish contemporary engagement ring?

The latest contemporary engagement ring style by Andrew Leggett is called Infinity.

Infinity features a single stone in a rub-over setting that flows seamlessly into the band with no beginning or end. It is designed with one flat side, to fit perfectly alongside a straight wedding ring.

Each Infinity ring is individually created to order, around a particular stone, and clients are invited to have creative input in the design to personalise their ring.

By adjusting the size of stone, the height and the angle at which it is set and the profile and weight of the band, very different effects can be achieved, but all within the same immediately recognisable concept. We also create wedding bands in widths and profiles to complement a particular engagement ring.

Infinity engagement rings are available with D colour, VS1 diamonds, in round brilliant cut from 0.25ct, and in marquise, pear and oval from around 0.30ct upwards. For those who prefer coloured stones, we offer versions with sapphire, emerald or ruby.

For more information about Infinity, contact a stockist of Andrew Leggett jewellery.

For more images of our Infinity© Ring, please visit our Gallery.