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Background of the business
Jewellery Designer Andrew Leggett started in business in 1985, after ten years working in the workshops of top London jewellery designers.

“I trained in the London workshops of eminent jewellery designers spending four years with John Donald, one of the most influential designers of the day, and a further six years with Geoffrey Turk, another well known figure in modern jewellery.”

“After ten years commuting to London, and having produced countless items of bespoke contemporary jewellery, (and many traditional pieces too) I decided to set up a jewellery workshop near Brighton, on the South Coast, in my home town of Worthing. At this point I had no retail experience whatsoever, but I needed an outlet for my work, so I opened Aurum designer-jewellers.”

“I always have always seen my business as a jewellery design workshop with its own retail outlet, rather than a jewellery shop with an on-site workshop.”

After 10 years working in London’s top jewellery design workshops, Andrew set up on his own.

For sixteen years Andrew worked alone, building a reputation for creating fine quality contemporary jewellery, which was all retailed through his own small shop. At the end of his shop lease Andrew had the opportunity to purchase a slightly larger premises, with a workshop large enough to accommodate two extra jeweller’s benches.

The popularity of one particular design persuaded Andrew to offer the range to other retailers.

“My Flick ring design was attracting clients from all over the UK, so I took the decision to offer it to a few suitable stockists, to make it easier for clients to buy.”

The skills needed to produce handmade engagement jewellery of this quality take years to acquire, as well as a natural aptitude for intricate work.

When recruiting a new member of the team, Andrew Leggett takes on a new graduate with a degree in jewellery design, and trains them in-house to produce jewellery in the Andrew Leggett style.

“I made a decision early on not to employ purely sales staff, preferring to let clients deal direct with the goldsmiths. In most cases it is the craftsman who deals with a particular customer who will go on to create the piece of jewellery they commission. This means that the goldsmith can get a real understanding of the client’s requirements, and can give as much expert advice as required during the design stage. For the client, dealing with the goldsmith who is making their item makes the whole thing a more personal and enjoyable experience. For the goldsmith too, there is much satisfaction in following through the entire process, from listening to the design brief to hand over the finished piece of jewellery.”

From the beginning Andrew Leggett has specialised in producing contemporary engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings in platinum, gold, palladium, diamonds and precious stones. His work also includes diamond earrings, pendants and bangles.

“Don’t expect necessarily to find exactly the jewellery design you are looking for on this website, but if you have the germ of an idea, you can speak with one of our talented goldsmiths. – Just tell us your ideas, and we can turn them into reality for you!”

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of bespoke jewellery, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our stockists. Alternatively you can give us a call for FREE to discuss your ideas, or make an online enquiry using the form on our Contact Us page.

The images on this site show items we have made in the past. They are intended to give a taste of the sort of work we like to make. These are not standard designs. As each piece is individually hand-made, we can offer a huge range of variations.

To see examples of our work “in the Flesh”, visit one of our stockists.

To discuss the services on offer to you, please call us for FREE by clicking on the telephone number in the header of this website, or alternatively, please make an online enquiry using the form on our Contact page.

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